Five Tips To Reading Every Putting Green There Is

If you are a golf fanatic then you should definitely read on as you will want to improve your golf putting skills. After all, everyone wants to be a better golfer and the only way you can do that is if you master putting on the green. Hitting approach shots is the easier part, but getting the ball in the hole is what everyone struggles with. Once you master that, you will watch your handicap get better by a lot and soon you will be golfing with an air of confidence that you never had before.

The tips to putting well are simple.

1. You should always take your time before making a put. Look around you and make sure that you are set before taking the shot.

2. Always know when to use a putter or when to use a chipping wedge. There are times when you can chip your way into the hole but times when you should put, even if you are on the edge of the green or slightly off it.

3. The wind is crucial and you must be able to accurately judge how much of an effect it will have on the ball.

4. Reading the green is crucial. You should know the direction the ball will spin and whether it is up or down hill so that you can use the right pace on your shot.

5. Be brave. If you do not go for the winning put you will never make it. Too many golfers just try to play it safe and waste a couple of shots that way. If you think you have a shot at the hole, go for it!

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