Pebble Beach or Augusta National: The True Dream Course

Has Augusta become impossible for average playing golfers? That is the question that many people ask and they are very right to ask this question. Augusta is a great course and it is where the Masters has been held and it is a course that so many golfers have huge respect for. It is considered the most challenging venue on the calendar. But there are genuine worries that it may be becoming a little too difficult. A few changes have Read the rest of this entry »

These Are The Top Ten Courses In America Today

These top golf courses are notable for their beauty and golfing challenges. Each is unique and provides a splendid way to while away an afternoon.

Pine Valley Golf Club

This course in Clementon, New Jersey, features virgin forests with a Pine Barrens golfing tradition that dates back to 1913.

Cypress Point Club

Located on the Pacific coast in Pebble Beach, California, this is the course made famous by a single Bob Hope quip.

Pebble Beach Golf Links

The best Read the rest of this entry »

What You Need To Know About Drivers And Tees

Improving your golf game takes a lot practice. However, it also takes strong knowledge of all elements of the game. Below are a few things you should know about drivers and tees to improve your game.

1. Driving Requires a Wide Stance

The driver is heavier than most other clubs in your bag. To swing it properly, you are going to need to take a wider stance than usual.

2. Driving Requires Turning Your Shoulders

All the best players significantly turn their shoulders while driving. If you are not moving your shoulders much, you Read the rest of this entry »

Ten Tactics To Bring Your Handicap Down Quickly

Golfers are always looking for ways to lower their handicap. Following are ten ways to bring your handicap down quickly.

1. Work on your putting – Since approximately one third of your strokes during a round of golf are putts, reducing the number of putts by just 2 or 3 strokes will quickly lower your handicap.

2. Sacrifice length for accuracy – You won’t get in to trouble and rack up double and triple bogies.

3. Take your punishment – If you Read the rest of this entry »

Good Form, Good Golf

Everyone knows that the secret to good golf is good form. If you get all those golf channels from places like then you know what I’m talking about – the pros are pros because they not only have the knowledge of the game but the form to deliver and score a win. If you want to golf like a pro then you need to look like one and we have the tips that can help you get started.

1. Grip – hold the club properly with your fingers, not your palms.

2. Adjust – make sure your thumbs are aligned when you grip but don’t grip too hard or you could ruin your swing.

3. Knees – bend your knees slightly and make sure your feet are an even space apart; shoulder-width for a driver and less for an iron.

4. Waist – bend your waist, but be sure not to hunch over.

5. Pivot – as you swing, make sure the axis of your spine is doing all the work. If you need an idea for where your hands should be, your thumbs should be over your right ear on the start of your downswing.

6. Hips – now turn your hips as you swing on down.

7. Fluid follow – it should be one fluid motion on the journey from the downswing to the ball.

Another thing that makes the pros what they are is practice, practice, practice.

Five Tips To Reading Every Putting Green There Is

If you are a golf fanatic then you should definitely read on as you will want to improve your golf putting skills. After all, everyone wants to be a better golfer and the only way you can do that is if you master putting on the green. Hitting approach shots is the easier part, but getting the ball in the hole is what everyone struggles with. Once you master that, you will watch your handicap get better by a lot and soon you will be Read the rest of this entry »

Nice And Slow: Secrets To Steady Putting

While every golfer realizes that putting is an important component of a successful game, few have mastered that the the secrets to steady putting begin and end with an approach that is nice and slow in action. Hurried movements have no place on a golf course, and steady putting demands exact form on every putt regardless of the green conditions.

A basic secret to steady putting is to be deliberate in every move taken while on the green – from the way you approach the ball, to adjusting your grip to the position Read the rest of this entry »

Does A World Ranking Of Number One Really Matter?

Does a world ranking of number one really matter these days? The truth is being ranked No.1 does have some prestige associated with it, but that is really about it. For many athletes it takes awhile to be ranked No.1, but not long to be knocked off that perched. When going into any event especially against an unranked opponent it actually can hurt you. Other athletes want to knock of the best player in their sport and Read the rest of this entry »

More Exciting Tournament – The Ryder Cup Or Players Championship

While the Players’ Matchplay Championship might be the chance to see some of the best golfers go at it to see who is the best, there is a charm about the Ryder Cup that just cannot be matched. When you watch a golf tournament, it is not just about the golf that is on show. It is also about the pride associated with that tournament and the importance of what is going around at the time. That is why the Ryder Cup brings out the best, or Read the rest of this entry »

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