Nice And Slow: Secrets To Steady Putting

While every golfer realizes that putting is an important component of a successful game, few have mastered that the the secrets to steady putting begin and end with an approach that is nice and slow in action. Hurried movements have no place on a golf course, and steady putting demands exact form on every putt regardless of the green conditions.

A basic secret to steady putting is to be deliberate in every move taken while on the green – from the way you approach the ball, to adjusting your grip to the position of your stance. Each aspect of preparation for the putt should be nice and slow, familiar in that each has been performed a thousand times previously with exacting precision.Is this new to you? Catch up here

After reading the green and taking a practice stroke, a string of slow and steady movements should be initiated – get a comfortable grip on the putter, assume a balanced stance with your head directly over the golf ball and remember that the art of good putting lies in using the wrists. Realize that by going nice and slow the secrets to steady putting can be yours, and that less body movement when putting results in much greater accuracy.

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