Does A World Ranking Of Number One Really Matter?

Does a world ranking of number one really matter these days? The truth is being ranked No.1 does have some prestige associated with it, but that is really about it. For many athletes it takes awhile to be ranked No.1, but not long to be knocked off that perched. When going into any event especially against an unranked opponent it actually can hurt you. Other athletes want to knock of the best player in their sport and it means a lot to them if they can get it done.The full explanation can be found at It gives them incentive, especially if they are not ranked at all.

Being ranked number one is great, but in the end, you still must perform in your given sport. Nothing is going to be handed to you that’s for sure. Rankings are great to talk about and people love to look at them. For some people the rankings mean a lot for others they do not. Yes, all athletes strive to be the best in their chosen sport, but the ranking system many times is subjective. This means the formula that is used may not always be the most accurate. Rankings are great, but the bottom line is they really do not help much at all.

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