More Exciting Tournament – The Ryder Cup Or Players Championship

While the Players’ Matchplay Championship might be the chance to see some of the best golfers go at it to see who is the best, there is a charm about the Ryder Cup that just cannot be matched. When you watch a golf tournament, it is not just about the golf that is on show. It is also about the pride associated with that tournament and the importance of what is going around at the time. That is why the Ryder Cup brings out the best, or the worst, in golfers and it is the one moment where the pressure is the most and it can really show in their performances. Many a golfer has said they have never felt as nervous as they do when they are taking that show for the Ryder Cup. It is not just about them anymore, it is about their country (or continent in Europe’s case) and that is something much bigger than the player’s Championship. That may be a great tournament and it has some great players on show, but it cannot compete with the history of the Ryder Cup and what it means to golfers. Taking home the Ryder Cup is one of the biggest achievements a golfer can have, after the Masters, and it is the best tournament out there.

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